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Process control with LASCON®

  • Laser Process Diagram.

    In real time: measuring - closed loop control - monitoring
    Program temperature curves and laser processes and activate them

  • Laser Process Script Programing.

    Simplify complicated laser processes by simple script programming

  • Online Temperature Diagram During Laser Process.

    Various diagrams visualize the laser process

  • Laser Process Temperature Display.

    Measure, control and store temperatures and export the data automatically

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Data sheet LASCON Process Manager.pdf

LASCON® is the process monitoring system with probably the largest distribution in the laser industry. More than 1500 users worldwide in industry and research monitor and regulate their laser processes with LASCON®.

The LASCON Process Manager uses the infrared or 2 color pyrometers to measure the temperature on the workpiece 10,000 times per second and compares the measured temperature with a specified setpoint temperature. From the difference, the systems calculated the rated power for the laser system. This laser system is controlled by an analogue signal so that any laser system can be used with analog voltage power input. But it can also control inductors and other heat sources. The processes are monitored, stored and visualized. The process data of each process can additionally be exported automatically to an external server. Easily programmable scripts can be used to set monitors around setpoint temperatures to create an error signal if the measured temperature is not within the temperature monitor. Especially for laser soldering, the solder wire feeder can also be parameterized and started by software from the script.



  • 100% process control - every part monitored and every process stored
  • Monitor temperature and power
  • Good / bad detection with output of error signal to PLC
  • Write process scripts with simple programming language
  • Store up to 255 process scripts and call (digital)
  • Write up to 500,000 processes on integrated flash disk
  • Self-diagnosis of the system
  • Handshake to the LASCON® Camera Manager
  • Measure the temperature 10,000 times per second with LASCON® and read and set all the I / O's of the LASCON® controller.
  • Compare the actual temperature 10,000 times per second with the setpoint temperature and control the heating source (laser, inductor) . Real-time system with unique adaptive controller
  • Check all set monitors in real time during the laser process


Laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser hardening, laser cladding, laser metal welding (also intermetallic compounds aluminum - steel, copper - aluminum), laser heaters for industry and research (for example in crystal research), induction hardening, induction brazing.

laser soldering

Laser plastic welding

laser hardening

Laser Cladding

LASCON Camera Manager

  • LASCON® Camera Manager

     LASCON® Camera Manager

  • Real time measurement - control - monitoring

    Real time measurement - control - monitoring

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The LASCON® Camera Manager is a software package for saving videos and works in handshake to the LASCON® Process Manager.

The optional integrated video camera in the laser head LH501 and LH103 is read out during the process and the video file is kept in memory. With the LASCON Process Manager, parameters and monitors can be defined in the script software. The laser process has to be executed within this limits. If the set limits are exceeded, the LASCON Process Manager generates an error signal. The Camera Manager can be configured to save a video file of the failed process to disk. The faulty process can then be analyzed image by image and the production optimized. As option, the Camera Manager can also store each laser processing video. This option can be used in the developement stage so that each process can be analyzed.



  • Adjustable image size, frame rate, exposure, analog gain, color correction
  • Image overlay for laser spot diameter
  • Optional storage of all videos, only with Process error or never.
  • LASCON Software Manager is triggered by the Process Manager via internal hand shake

For the LASCON Camera Manager you need a Windows PC with the current operating system

Use for process evaluation in laser soldering.
The study of the individual process videos frame by frame allows an effective optimization of the soldering process by changing the soldering parameters such as temperature and feed rate of the wire.