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Nothing but light ...

Diode lasers and laser heads for laser soldering, laser plastic welding and general laser processes for integration in machines and plants.

  •      Fiber-coupled diode lasers up to 200W
  •      Diode lasers as compact modules directly on the machine axis
  •      Laser heads with pyrometer, video camera, solder wire feed, ring lights
  •      Mini laser heads for restricted space applications
  •      Beam shaping (homogeneous line, ring)
  • Diodenlaser_ILPH_Intelligent Processing Head includes 60W Laser Source and Pyrometer and CCD_1

    ILPH Intelligent Processing Head includes 60W Laser Source and Pyrometer and CCD Camera
    Complete laser production system on a machine axis

  • Compact Fiber Coupled Laser Module with Pyrometer and CCD Interface

    Compact diode laser system up to 140W laser power with integrated LASCON controller for integration into laser processing chamber

  • Laser Processing Head LH103 with Pyrometer Camera and Wire feeder

    Laser Processing Head with coaxial pyrometer and ccd camera and solder wire feeder for laser soldering

  • Laser Processing Head LH501 with High Power D80 Connector

    Laser processing head LH501 with SMA905 or D80 or LLK-A connector or IPG DLM DLR diode laser with fixed collimator. Coaxial pyrometer and camera.

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Trust is good ...

100 % process control with LASCON® -
Fastest high-speed pyrometers measure and control the laser process

  •      10,000 temperature measurements per second
  •      Closed loop temperature control with sampling time 100μs (10 kHz)
  •      Set control parameters and monitor laser processes
  •      OK / NOK decision
  •      Machine integration via digital and analog I / O`s
  •      Fieldbus Ethernet and optional EtherCAT
    • Laser soldering

      Temperature controlled laser soldering and process monitoring

    • Online Temperature Diagram During Laser Process

      Stand alone process controller , no pc connection needed

    • LASCON Process Controller with 2 Color Pyrometer

      LASCON process controller for temperature controlled laser material processing
      1500 installations world wide

    • Laser Process Temperature Display

      Precise temperature control in the laser spot for best process results.
      Laser hardening, laser cladding, laser soldering, laser plastic welding, additive manucaturing

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    Clever and Smart

    Workstations for laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser marking
    Also desktop robots with or without laser protective housing. Optional vision controlled positioning

         Insert and produce
         0.5-1.5 million parts per year
         Costs aprox. 2-6 cents per part

    • Desktop Robot LWS080 with Rotary Table

      Desktop robot with rotary indexing table and H gantry machine axes

    • Desktop Robot LWS080 with Rotary Table (2)

      Compact production system LWS080 with rotary indexing table for low cost intelligent automation

    • Desktop Robot Open Frame

      Open frame desktop robot for lab and development of laser processes

    • Desktop Robot with Safety Enclosure (1)

      Desktop robot with safety enclosure for laser soldering and laser plastic welding

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