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Compact Desktop Robot with up to 4 Axis: Optional Laser Safe Enclosure

  • Kompakter Tischroboter mit bis zu 4 Achsen Optional: Laserdichte Umhausung

    Kompakter Tischroboter mit bis zu 4 Achsen Optional: Laserdichte Umhausung

    Compact desktop robot with up to 4 axis. Optional laser safe enclosure

  • Desktop Robot Open Frame

    Compact desktop robot with 3 linear axis and one rottary axis
    Diode laser system LCL and laser processing head LH501

  • Desktop Robot with Safety Enclosure (1)

    Desktop robot with pneumatic lifting door
    Start your production on a 1 sqm footprint

  • Desktop Robot with Safety Enclosure (2)

    Complete production system with LCL and laser processing head LH103 for laser soldering

  • Desktop Robot with Safety Enclosure (3)

    Lean Intelligent Automation
    Intelligent and flexible production system

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Folder Desktop Robot.pdf

The Desktop Robot with standard 3 linear axes and one rotary axis is ideally suited for the development of processes for laser soldering and plastic welding in a laser laboratory as well as for the quick entry into a production process.Together with an optionally available, laser-tight protective housing, a compact production system for laser soldering or plastic welding is created.The compact diode laser system LCL with a light output of up to 140W and the laser processing heads LH102 and LH103 are particularly easy to integrate.For inline applications we also offer solutions with a H gantry axise system for driving through with a conveyor belt. Optionally, an image processing camera can also be integrated into the laser processing head LH103 and LH501 so that even  to small pads can be precisely positioned .

  • 3 linear axes (300mm x 300mm x 100mm) and 1 rotary axis
  •  Free standing structure
  •  Access from the front
  •  Pneumatic lift door
  •  Safe shutdown of the laser when the lift door is open
  •  Stable base plate
  •  Internal process room lighting
  •  Integrated safety PLC
  •  Diode laser with up to 140W power
  •   Laser processing head with integrated camera and pyrometer for closed loop control
  •  Unique LASCON® Laser Process Controller with quality control
  •  Video observation and storage of all process data
  •  Flexible CNC programming - also with Teach Pad
  •  Optional positioning via image processing system to correct the component position
  •  Weight approx. 80 kg
  •  Basic size 0.8 x 0.6 m
  •  Power supply: 180 - 240VAC, 50 / 60Hz, fuse with 16A
  •  Pneumatics max. 8 bar
  • Laser plastic welding
  • Laser soldering
  • Lean manufacturing

NEW: Laser Workstation LWS080-RT with rotary table

  • Desktop Robot LWS080 with Rotary Table.

    Laser Workstation LWS080-RT with 2 segmented rotary table

  • Desktop Robot LWS080 with Rotary Table.

    Laser Workstation LWS08-RT as stand alone or desktop version

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Folder LWS080-RT.pdf

The LWS080-RT laser workstation with rotary indexing table is an ideal solution for starting laser-based production on a small footprint, such as laser plastic welding or laser soldering. The 2-segment rotary indexing table allows the workpieces to be inserted while a second workpiece is processed simultaneously in the process area.A safety PLC coordinates the shutdown of the laser as the turntable rotates and the safety photocell is read out.As positioning systems we offer either 3 or 4 (3 linear, 1 rotation) axes systems.Typical laser powers are up to 200W light output, while light outputs up to 60W (LCL) or air cooled 100W or 140W systems are sufficient for most applications.



  • Sturdy profile construction made of aluminum
  • Freestanding construction with footprint approx. 1.4m x 0.9m
  • Turntable combined with lifting door
  • Forced shutdown of laser system when open lift door via safety switch
  • Overall construction is light-tight and resistant to scattered laser light
  • Optional stable base structure
  • Processing chamber illuminated
  • Working height aprox. 76cm (table height)
  • ESD sensitive parts with ground contact
  • Integrated safety PLC for safe process control
  • Process chamberis can be equipped with customer-specific mechanical components
  • Weight approx. 250kg
  • Laser Plastic Welding
  • Laser Soldering