About us

We are a leading provider of laser process control software and laser equipment.

Our family-owned company was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Bavaria, Germany.

33 years of Mergenthaler Laser

For 33 years now we have been manufacturing components and systems for laser material processing at our Ulm location.
Main applications are laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser hardening and laser cladding.
We have installed our LASCON process controller in more than 1,500 laser systems worldwide.
Even after 33 years there is no service fatigue. On the contrary: In daily contact with customers, their product ideas and production requirements, innovative products are constantly being designed.



Our main focus lies on laser solutions in which we have unique technological expertise.

Our laser process control LASCON® for low and high power laser processes has a constantly  increasing number of installations worldwide. This pyrometer-based closed-loop control enables our customers to realize challenging laser applications like laser soldering, laser plastic welding, laser hardening and cladding.

Additionally, we offer specialized laser equipment, such as laser heads, diode lasers, robotics and complete solutions for laser soldering and laser plastic welding.

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