Blackbody calibrator

up to 990°C

Precise blackbody calibrator to monitor and calibrate infrared and two color pyrometers.

  • Fast heating rate
  • High emissivity of 0.99
  • Short settling time
  • Excellent long term stability
  • Retracable to temperature standards
  • Blackbody calibrator HS-25-1000 up to 990°C
  • Blackbody calibrator HS-25-1000
  • Blackbody calibrator HS-25-1000

The blackbody calibrator HS-25-1000 is a precise instrument for calibration and periodic control of infrared pyrometers. The HS25-1000 has an extrem fast heating rate and an unreached temperature settling time. An integrated closed loop PID controller with an resolution of 0.1°C guaranties accuracy and long term stability. The housing has a very compact dimension and light weight, so that the blackbody can simply transported to the pyrometer.

  • Temperature range: 100 ° C - 990 ° C
  • Emission 0.99
  • Temperature accuracy: +/- 2 ° C
  • Temperature resolution: 0.1 ° C
  •  Stability : 0.5 ° C over 8h
  •  Diameter of the input aperture: 25mm
  •  Emission: 0.995 in the range 1.6μm-2μm
  •  Power supply: 90-240 VAC
  •  Power: 500 W
  •  Case dimensions: 325mm X 187mm X 485mm (W X H X D)
  •  Weight: 14.9 kg

Calibration of infrared pyrometers and 2 color pyrometers.

Often also used to calibrate 2 color pyrometers that are integrated into laser heads.

Calibrating Mergenthaler pyrometers is supported by the LASCON Process Manager software and can be easily performed by the user himself.