Application example 1 – Laser soldering of ceramic PCBs

The LASCON controlled system prevents overheating and makes the process fully traceable

Soldering of components on ceramic PCBs

Customer problem and requirements

A tier-1 automotive supplier needs a laser soldering system for a critical ceramic PCB application:

  • Prevention of cracks in the ceramic PCB
  • Maximum reliability and full process traceability for all soldering joints
  • Support for installation in all plants worldwide

Solution by Mergenthaler

  • LASCON controlled laser system with 60W power; integrated pyrometer for closed loop temperature control; integrated precision wire feeder controller
  • LH103 processing head with laser, pyrometer and video port
  • Accurate temperature control and optimized soldering script ensure process stability and crack prevention
  • Testing and optimization were conducted in our own laser soldering laboratory
  • Installation on site was carried out by Mergenthaler

Status quo

  • The system has been running for 20,000 hours; no downtime and no need for repairs
  • We have become a partner of choice for laser applications worldwide

Application example 2 – Soldering on sensor PCBs

The combination of LASCON and machine vision technologies generates a flexible and reliable soldering system

Soldering of connector pins on PCBs for different sensor types


Customer problem and requirements

  • A tier-1 sensor manufacturer wants to produce approx. 200 different sensor types in small lots upon customer request:
  • System needs to support the production of a wide variety of PCBs
  • Connector pins have to be soldered on the PCB

Solution by Mergenthaler

  • LCL laser system with integrated LASCON controller; LH103 laser head
  • Integrated machine vision system to correct the position of the laser head according to the PCB soldering pads
  • The sensor type is detected by the PLC, which sends the corresponding laser soldering script to the LASCON controller via the Ethernet bus
  • The scripts are executed and processed by the laser system
  • Soldering is performed according to IPC 610 A and shows excellent penetration in the through-hole solder joint
  • Testing and optimization were conducted in our own laser soldering laboratory
  • Installation and integration with existing equipment carried out on site

Status quo

  • The system has been running for 18 months
  • No downtime and no need repairsfor

Example 3 - Laser soldering with blue diode laser ( 445nm )

The high absorption of the blue laser light prevents burns on the electronic board

Soldering of through hole components with blue diode laser

Customer problem and requirement

When soldering through hole components, underlying components can easily be burned by the laser when the laser beam passes through the hole in the board. The reflectivity is increased, especially with plated through holes. However, damage or melting of the electronic components is not accepted.

The Mergenthaler Solution

  • Blue diode laser with 445nm or 450nm wavelength and 45W optical power
  • The absorption of the blue laser light is significantly higher than that of a laser in the near infrared. This prevents burns caused by reflection and the laser process can be controlled very well.
  • A coaxial infrared pyrometer measures the temperature in the solder joint 10,000 times per second and controls the process
  • The process runs smoothly and reproducibly