Mini laser processing head

The LH102 is a miniature laser  processing head with integrated, coaxial fiber coupled infrared pyrometer for integration in machines with limited space.

  • For fiber coupled diode laser up to 100W cw
  • Laser wavelength 808nm to 980nm,  fiber N.A.0,22
  • Connector FSM905
  • 1" optics
  • A variety of different optics for beam shaping available
  • Lines, Double lines, Axicons, Homogenious Rectangles, Top Hat Profiles
  • Customized optics
  • Laser Processing Head LH 102

    Laser Processing Head LH 102

  • Laser Processing Head LH 102

    Laser Processing Head LH 102

  • Laser Processing Head LH 102

    Laser Processing Head LH 102

LH102 Mini Laser

Especially for applications with limited space we offer the extremely compact laser processing head LH102 with a pyrometer, which is reflected in the beam path of the laser. With a dimension of only 52mm x 40mm and a weight of 0.2 kg, this laser head is not much larger than a matchbox. It can be used up to a maximum of 100W laser power.Optionally, the laser head LH102 is also available with a integrated CCD camera  (LH103).The lenses of the laser head can be exchanged so that, for example, it is easy to switch from point optics to line optics.Temperature measurement typically above approx. 120 ° C. Optionally from approx. 70 ° C.The properties of the infrared pyrometer integrated in the laser head correspond to the pyrometers on our pyrometer page.Please note: Our digital pyrometers are part of the measuring and control system LASCON ®.

LH102 Mini Laser
  • Suitable for optical power up to 100 W
  •  Wavelengths 808nm to 980nm
  •  AR coated, replaceable lenses
  •  Coaxial pyrometer with typ. temperature range of 120°C-700°C, optional 70°C
  •  Fiber Optic Connectors FSMA905, N.A. 0.22
  •  Minimum laser spot from approx. 100μm
  •  Visible pilot light, brightness adjustable via LASCON Process Manager software
  •  Base 52mm x 40mm
  •  Low weight (0.2 kg)
LH102 Mini Laser

Due to the compact dimensions of the laser head is very well suited for integration into machines and plant with limited space.

This also includes machining with several laser systems simultaneously on one component.

Applications include laser soldering, laser plastic welding and laser heating during thermal bonding or soldering on wafers.

The laser head LH102 can also be easily combined with our wire feeder SWF100, so that an extremely compact laser soldering head is created, which due to its low weight can easily be adapted to desktop robots.

Due to the low weight and dimensions, the laser head is also suitable for mounting on rotary axes of desktop table robots.