Machine Vision Solder Expert

Monitoring with a coaxial camera

The Machine Vision Solder Expert is a user-friendly, intelligent machine vision system to improve and monitor the laser soldering process. 

  • Correction of the position of the robot or gantry system if the pad is not in the correct position
  • Monitoring for correct component alignment
  • Monitoring of the solder wire position before the soldering process
  • Monitoring of the solder distribution on the pad
  • Monitoring the amount of solder
  • In conjunction with the temperature-controlled LASCON soldering process, maximum process reliability is given
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The vision system helps you to improve and control your automated soldering process. The systemis adaptable for different robot systems (Janome, Fanuc, Denso, Epson etc.). The vision software contains a communications structure for each robot system and so it is easy to build up a communication to the robot systems and use the vision system. The communications interfaces are RS-232C, EtherNet, PROFINET and digital I/0.You can also choose between different cameras, depending on your application. Due to the fast processing time of the vision system, there is no significant delay in your process.

Machine Vision
  • Image processing filter
  • Position/dimension checking
  • Image capture and optimization
  • multilingual
  • Statistic module
  • security / access control

1. Position correction In an automated process it is almost impossible to ensure that the solder pad is always at the same position. The vision system detects the solder pad, calculates the shift from the origin position and transmits the data to the robot system

2. Pre soldering inspection With the pre soldering inspection you can control if the solder pad is alright. For example, you can check if the pin is missing due to a problem in an earlier process step.

3. Wire detection For some application it is very important to start with heating the pad not until the wire is very close to the pad. With the vision system it is possible to detect the wire and so the amount of tin is the same on each solder joint.

4. Post soldering inspection After the soldering process you can check if there is a solder joint. So you can easily detect samples, which are not soldered or not completely soldered.