Application example 1 – Rotary laser plastic welding

The newly developed rotary unit overcomes limitations of other laser systems

Radial laser plastic welding with a rotary laser head

Customer problem and requirements

A manufacturer needs to weld a plastic structure to an outer transparent surface:

  • The existing laser plastic welding solution had to be replaced with an innovative rotary welding head
  • Closed loop temperature control is required to optimize the process

Solution by Mergenthaler

  • Standard 140W Mergenthaler diode laser LM140; standard laser head LH103; newly developed rotary unit
  • Design, construction and manufacturing of the innovative rotary welding head was completed within 10 weeks
  • The laser beam is guided by a rotary arm around the cylinder wall, hence avoiding having to move the workpiece
  • Closed loop control is performed by the LPC04 LASCON controller
  • Rotation speed and number of rotations required are defined by the controller software

Status quo

  • The first units are currently being installed in the production facility
  • The system will replace an existing ultrasonic welding system

Application example 2 – Laser plastic welding

The LASCON controller ensures optimal process speed and quality in laser plastic welding

Laser welding of connectors to polymer optical fibers


Customer problem and requirements

A Tier-1 automotive supplier needs plastic welding equipment to weld Polymer Optical Fibers cables (POF) to plastic connectors. POFs are used in automotive applications for media oriented system transport networks (MOST).

  • Manufacturer needs small sized system for integration into assembly machine
  • Full process control for shortest process time and best welding quality

Solution by Mergenthaler

  • We delivered various laser components including:
    • compact Laser processing heads
    • complete Laser systems
    • LASCON closed loop controllers

Status quo

  • Hundred of millions of connectors have been welded with the Mergenthaler equipment
  • Worldwide installations in factories around the globe. In operation for almost 20 years at different customer sites