LWS090 Laser Workstation with linear H gantry robot

Low Cost Intelligent Automation

The LWS090 is a compact laser workstation with 3 linear and one optional rotary axis as standard and laser protective housing

  • Footprint 90cm x 90cm
  • Pneumatic lifting door
  • Prepared for the integration of the compact laser system LCL with integrated laser process controller and infrared pyrometer
  • Stable H gantry system
  • Workpiece is not moving if only linear movement is required
  • Optional rotary table for workpiece angle rotation
  • Optional machine vision system for positioning and process control
  • Typical laser powers 60W - 140W
  • Coaxial infrared pyrometer and process camera
  • Optional machine vision system for positioning and process control
  • Laser Work Station LWS090

H gantry robot:
precision axes with resolution < 0.01mm
Stand alone CNC controller with multiple I/Os
Stepper motors with feedback control for the X and Y 
Control of up to 4 axes and 2 external motors using the auxiliary axis function (optional)
The programming panel is equipped with 11 different display languages

Description of the machine integrated laser components:

Diode laser + Soldering Process Controller:

The LASCON® Controlled Laser LCL is a kind of hybrid between a diode laser with typical power of 140W ( optional 60W or 100W ) and integrated unique LASCON process controller – all in one box.

Laser heads and laser control unit:
At the end of the optical fiber is a laser processing head. There, a pyrometer and a video camera are projected into the beam path of the laser. The pyrometer measures 10,000 times per second the temperature in the laser focus. The unique LASCON controller compares measured temperature with aprogrammed temperature curve and does closed loop control to the laser power. The system stores up to 500,000 laser processes and monitors all processes in real time based on pre-defined parameters. The parameters can be programmed with a simple programming language in a process script. The LASCON controller can store up to 255 scripts and activate within milliseconds. If the laser process differs from the programmed parameters, theLASCON controller generates an error control signal that can be interpreted by a PLC.

Precision Solder Wire Feeder with Encoder Feedback:
The solder wire feeder SWF100 was developed especially for fast and precise soldering. It has afeeding accuracy of 10μm and a response time of under 1ms. The feeding head is gearless andhas a very long lifetime. As special feature, even the forward feeding accelaration is programmable.This leads to an improved start behaviour of the soldering process by a slowdown of the feeding atthe beginning. At first, a solder melt pool is formed in which the wire is pushed then with constant speed.


  • Controller unit fully integrated into LCL – see above
  • Zero slip feeding by encoder
  • Integrated encoder detects also solder wirehold-up and the end of the solder wire
  • Complete feeding process programmable in LASCON® Process Manager by scriptcommands
  • Power supply provided by LCL
  • Precision adjustment device for positioning the nozzle
  • Standard solder wire diameter is 0.3mm and 0.5mm ( others in request )
  • Patent pending „Wire Checker Technology“ allways detects the position of the tip of thesolder wire before starting the laser soldering process

• 3 linear axis ( 300mm x 300mm x 100mm ) and 1 rotary axis
• Structure is free-standing
• Access from the front
• Lift door
• Forced and safe shutdown of laser system when opening liftdoor
• Stable base frame
• Internal cabinet is illuminated
• Integrated safety PLC for safe processing
• Diode laser up to 140 Watt light output ( Option 100W or 60W light output )
• Laser processing head with integrated video camera and pyrometer
• Unique LASCON® Laser Process Controller with quality control
• Closed Loop Control for temperature controlled laser processing
• Video monitoring and storing of the laser process
• Flexible CNC programming
• Optional teach panel for comfortable position teaching
• Optional vision guided positioning with latest machine vision system
• Optional machine vision system for process quality monitoring
• Weight approx 250kg
• Foot print only 0,9 x 0,9 m
• Power supply: 180 - 240VAC, 50/60Hz, fuse with 16A 
• Pneumatics max. 8 bar

  • Laser soldering