The right tool for every occasion: lasers with a wide range of wavelengths and outputs in proven Mergenthaler quality

With hundreds of units sold worldwide, the self-developed diode laser systems are an integral part of the Mergenthaler product portfolio. We are always ready and happy to break new ground together with our customers. The best example of this is the recent development of two new laser systems in 19'' format.

The LM04 is a combination of diode laser and LASCONĀ® controller in 19'' 4U format. Compared to our smaller LCL04 device, it can also cover the higher range up to 500W light output.

Another new development is our LM50-1470, a diode laser with a wavelength of 1470nm and a light output of 50W. It is well known that the optical properties of materials change with the wavelength used. The use of 1470nm opens up new possibilities for the semiconductor industry for Laser Assisted Bonding and the processing of silicon.